We posed the question to our team members, how can we show ‘Analogue’ in a new light and visualise what the word means to us. The challenge was to take Analogue in a fresh direction for 2011 so we spent December designing, deliberating, crafting & creating, we couldn’t be happier with the end result. We decided to go back in time to where digital-graphic design all started, 1984, with the birth of the ultimate machine, the Apple Mac. To pay homage to this wonder of technology we painstakingly crafted an original 1984 Macintosh 128k out of cardboard, accompanied by some other classic elements. After 4 days of labour intensive paper engineering and lots of cups of coffee, it was time to take our cardboard world off for a photo shoot. We opted for a background that can only described as ‘YELLOW’ and after a fun afternoon of posing, pondering and repositioning, we captured these beautiful images.
This new look has been applied to our blog, credentials document and temporary website. We are busy beavering away to complete our new site ‘Analogue version 3.1′ which we aim to boot up on the 1st April.
Stay tuned!